Alligator mutant abortion.

When I started, engineers at I+D always did the test tooling. Those tools worked most of the time, however, they never try to improve once that tool reaches the combat field. And once it breaks, they have this bad habit of not hearing workers complaints. It’s then when my name is pronounced, and a solution is expected.

Not long ago, I was testing a board we call “cookie” (altough I still don’t know why). This double sided board has contacts on both sides, and we used an ISA type connector to interface them with the needed inputs and outputs. That tool had worked fine for years (more than two I think), however, a change in fabrication, probably in the solder paste, managed to break it. An enormous amount of resin started to appear in one side of the board, and just a few insertions on the ISA connector, managed to mangle it completely.

We where in a hurry, and a new tool was needed to make all eight contacts (four on top, four on bottom) the board needed.

30 minutes later, this was sitting on my desk, testing boards:

012 - Utils - cookies tester

As you can guess, the long brown cables do reach the old tool, so it’s worse than it already looks.

This is the tool we use since (we also clean the boards from resin residue, otherwise they won’t make contact, no matter what). Yes, I know there are spring test probes, but I did not had some around at that time, nor time to do something better than what you see.

As you can guess, most of the time now, it’s my job to create testing tools, and I love that.


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