Welcome to the land of obscure electronics.

Welcome, newborn.

So, you finished studying electronics.

Now you can design pcb’s, program microcontrollers and do cool tech stuff that many of your friends do not understand (except for the blinking leds, they love that, always.)
You still see electronics as a wonderful world where all is clean, pure, well done and noone does bad jobs at soldering. Where pick and place machines do their jobs perfectly and errors are quite unusual.

I’m sorry to slap you out of the blue, real world electronics also have a dark side. Welcome to Electronic Hell of real world production and prototyping.

A place where prototypes say ” kill meeeee” just like Ripley’s clone said on Alien 4. A place where your eyes hurt just by looking at fabrication accidents, where components and pcb’s are mishandled and ill treated to levels you never imagined.

Naaaaa, just kidding…a bit.

This is a blog about hardware love. About curious things you can find on the internet, be them wallpapers, abandonhardware, fabrication fails, pcb geekiness and, from time to time, projects of mine. This shall be a diposit for all things electronic that are hardware related and can entertain you in one way or another.

If I can make you grin, that’s enough for me.

Altough this blog will be primarily fed by me, any submission will be considered. (if accepted, will be referred to the submitter nickname/adress of choice).

Shall we begin?

001 - 2510 over 0603 trilente

This started it all.

You know, normally, one does not simply solder into mordor not consider the fails encountered while working, you just repair them, or, worst case for production, take the board apart and continue working. However, I’m lucky enough at my job, that I can pop out my smartphone and take pictures of all interesting things I find (with full boss aproval, that is).

So, by now, I suppose you saw the same thing I saw. HOW ON EARTH did that happen?…I can’t still explain that. Well, I can assume that the 0603 resistor got dropped from the pick&place arm while on route before the power resistor was placed. Still, it makes for an unusual electronic fail.


2 responses to “Welcome to the land of obscure electronics.

    • XD, or “The electronic things you see, and never thought to post about”.

      A friend suggested, in a fun mood: “The stupid electronics repository”

      In any case, if you like it, feel free to submit something, it would be awesome ^^

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