You only had one job.

Well, maybe two.

Pick&place machines fascinate me. I can spend countles hours watching them work (just because we, at my job, do not own one yet, so they are always something new and fun to see). They do only two things, put solder paste, put components. (yadda yadda, yes, many advanced ones check component position andorientation and so on, I know)
Still, silk screening solder paste is a failproof process…is it?

002 - Cree leds displaced
The complete lack of solder paste on those two, is just but surprising. Taking into account that previous and subsequent leds in there all where well soldered. I would have expected the leds to not just work properly, but them being also displaced is another story.
One of our external assemblers is known for mistreating the boards. You can expect the quality you pay for, and he is veeeeery cheap.

How much? Take a look:

003 - Cree leds displaced

004 - Cree leds displaced

Board was resoldered and life went on like nothing happened.


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