From time to time, this fail pops up on this particular board. A led doesn’t light up, and you just have to look around for it. (Q4, for the sleepy ones XD ) Maybe it’s just me that I get to test them all, while other productions get to be tested by our girls. Until recently I didn’t gave the order (a.k.a. ask nicely) to get informed of all fails we get so I can fed this blog. Maybe in time, reversed transistors will become statistically relevant.

009 - Reversed transistor
Board status: REPAIRED
Method: Turn around transitor with tweezers, solder with avaliable soldering gun I happen to have nearest.

It’s fun to wonder how the transistor is reversed 180 degrees in the reel, since it has no real space to be put like that…

025 - SOT23 reel


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