Spy Hard

035 - Spy Hard

So, I seriously thought we where ripping off a circuit from a competitor, but amazingly, we weren’t.

The original board they supplied us to design the hardware around, didn’t had this black resin cover in it, so, R+D designed slots to fit the board. When the production came along, we found out that the black goo (luckily not the one in PROMETHEUS) covered the whole board. At first they tried to remove all of it, as you can see. However, some transistors where being ripped of their top cases (forgot to take a photo of that, sorry!), so in the end, they just cut the nearest part along the border of the board.

Status of damaged boards: DEAD
Reason: They’re not ours, so we can’t possibly repair them. (as always, we could, but at a cost that just makes it cheaper to ask for some more boards)


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