Soldering skills.

Here’s an example you should try to know how good are your soldering skills.

That’s FR4, and the gap in between is 3mm. If refrigeration is not helping (aluminium based boards make this way too easy) wich is the trick that makes it possible?

038 - 3mm gap

As it is becoming usual, instead of spacing posts and doing a somewhat constant writing, I concentrate all the posting in the weekend…sorry for that.

It’s just that I don’t have much time until the laser engraver I just bought, is in working condition. (it works, it’s just that I want to make it waaaaay better).
As my Manager says:

“It’s not normal to buy a car, and first thing , change the engine, remove the doors, change spark plugs, paint it red…”

It is when you plan to race with it, I suppose.


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