Let’s play GATE.

So, it’s been a holiday week here, and I’ve been doing what I like most (in front of a computer), going to bed when I am supposed to get up, that is, late. I enjoy descovering blogs, info bits, cool things, hearing to reportages.

Today, meanwhile I was hearing Jeremy Clarkson’s “Victory Cross” reportage, I found this blog called “Blondihacks“, wich led me to “One Girl, One Laptop Productions“, in wich, after looking around, I found this interesting game in wich you must build a robot’s control circuitry for it to explore.

It’s called GATE.

Provided screenshot wich won me:


I just played the first four levels. Quite easy (just wiring :3  ). Still, if you want to just fool around with logic gates, or better, make kids learn electronics, play this game (and donate!, I’ll do) I can’t wait to get to more advanced levels to play with complexer circuitry.

I wonder, will it be possible to make flip flops?…or will they be integrated (I’m wondering about the square boxes in the middle of the screenshot).

Bravo, One Girl, One Laptop Productions, this is a great electronics game I think I’ll play quite a bit.

Oh, it’s a downloadable at the bottom of the page of their games. Just extract the zip, execute the exe, and go enjoy electronics.

And now, it’s late, and I want to play a bit, then go to sleep. Have a nice day!


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