It’s been a looong time…


Now you’re mentally repeating the tittle in her voice. XD! Let’s resume operation, shall we?

Let’s start with some WTF boards…

The Caterpillar crawls…

048 - Stomp

Sorry for the lack of quality, we where in a hurry, and I didn’t have time, nor ligting good enough, to take a better photo (remember, I always use my cell-phone) Still, it is good enough to see what is going on. It’s just silly.

Board status: REPAIRED
Method: Lift the chip, unsolder the resistor through brute force, resolder chip.

…Best friends forever…

049 - Drifting

I’m not sure I really want to know what happened to this board. As you can guess, came from that manufacturer I always rage about…

Repair method: Sent it back and pray.

Also, I should resume playing GATE, and then do a review of some sort (I already said the game was pretty cool, did I?)


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