It’s been a looooong while – II

Since I warned on the presentation page that this was going to be updated whenever I felt to…

So, what have I been doing all this time?, working really hard to earn money for a 3D printer. Also, reworking my laser “engraver”.


So I own, amdist other things, a cheap chinese laser engraver. It’s one of those “standard” K40 machines, with proprietari software and controller. And let me tell you this: It’s almost shit.

When you buy something this big or complex from china, always read the small print. In this case, What I really wanted was to get experience with a small, but real, laser, wich this is (unlike solid state 1W laser diodes, those are just dangerous toys). Anyhow, The machine, has some absurd limits that you will encounter if you did not take the info as literally as you should.
What does that mean?

It means that this machine is self limited, both in hardware and software, to work in 200x200mm. It might cut pieces beyond that, but it can also go crazy and ram the effector to one side (if you’re lucky, the one with the opto switches, if not…well, the sound is not enjoyable)

Using moshisoft, whatever version, is just a pain in the ass for other than engraving (remember, you bought a ENGRAVING machine, it didn’t say anything about being a real cutter). Engraving tough, is quite nice and fast. You just upload a bmp, and BANG there you go.

Frankly, it’s engraving properties are quite good for me, and I’ll miss them. Why?

  1. Well, I can’t engrave, as said, more than 200×200 (machine will go haywire).
  2. Can’t reliably cut DXF’s, it will ALWAYS move the final vertex from each separate piece, to the “center”.
    When doing simple pieces, is just annoying, but keep in mind, it does not snap to grid, so placing them again won’t have any precision whatsoever. Just don’t think about tons of pieces.
  3. Software key (it has a hardware key) might reset amidst job, for no reason whatsoever.
  4. Software may change language for no reason, and try to display one you don’t have an interpreter for. (luckily, I remembered where where the options I needed, but THAT was insane…)

Basically, all blame goes to the software. (machines can be improved one way or another). So, would I recommend this machine? Unlike most of the internets, I would…


You are only going to engrave small areas, do some non precision cutting, or want to learn laser basics to build your own, and don’t mind spending money on a crash course. (It is understood that you MUST be a very capable (or responsible) person to get to that project, if not, just buy a somewhat expensiver machine, and simply enjoy what Laser power can do for you.

So, for us, who decide to get the hands on approach to laser, good luck.

NEXT POST: What did I change on my machine, and all upgrades, in ONE post. (instead of having to look for everything scattered over internet.

(preview: Air assist, TB6560 board, stepper motors, soldering iron)


I earned enough money to buy a ROSTOCK MAX 3D printer, basically because I fell in love with delta robots, and also, because it is one of the biggest you can buy. I did my search over internet, and found both good reviews and found mixed opinions about the machine. Some praise it, some hate it. I too don’t like some of it’s parts, like the bowden extruder (I have plans for that). But first, I must learn how filament printers work, and once I extract the most of the printer as is, I won’t try to go further.

The kit hasn’t arrived yet (and I’m still working on the laser) so I don’t expect it to be working until October or so.


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