Put your legs in the air!

This is not interesting for the component failure per se.

058 - Put your legs in the air!The interesting bit about this, is that the other technician we have (who, by the way, hates his job) said this was a crystal failure. Why is it interesting?

Well, when you plugged the board, it was programmed okay, and did what it had to do (some led tests), only when you switched to external power, it did nothing. So…how do you conclude that the failure is the crystal? I mean, if it is doing the testing, it’s obvious that the ucontroller works, so…what else but power (on such a simple board) can be?

Have I already said that that technician hates his job?…

Board status: REPAIRED
Method: Push the pins to the board with the soldering iron, wait for them to solder.



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