Death by scoring.

It’s a mixed feeling when you post a failure wich is truly and only yours.
I’m happy to auto-contribute, but I’m sad because I mangled three boards in quick succession.

060 - Death by scoring

This second board is even more sad because not only I ran over several leds, but I did it 3 times!
I got nervous when the board got snagged that, when trying to untangle it by moving the cutter, only managed to increase led mayhem.
Luckily, our manager is like an angel. Quite a big one…with personal gravitatory field included, and he knows it, and we all joke about, the same he jokes about my height and nerdiness (as of now, my nickname has evolved to “buggery-little-fucking-midget-poney”, because I am relatively short, and I always bugger him for permission to do tooling I deem neccesary).

Anyways, as I was saying, he just said “Keep calm, take a deep breath, and carry on”. So I did, and no more boards died (400+ of them)

060b - Death by scoring

I can still hear the “THUNK-THUNK-THUNK of the cutter running over the leds…

The boards themselves are repairable, however, we where in a rush and didn’t have time to do so. Besides, we produce so many of those, that they probably won’t get repaired ever…sad but true.



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