Mouse tumor.

Okay, probably that goes beyond dark thumour…

…okay, okay, I’ll stop now.XD!

Have you ever had to program hundreds of boards with MPLAB, and its tiny, tiny programming button over there on top? Well, if you have, you know using the mouse is the next best thing to suicidal. You will move the mouse every few clicks, if not at each one.

Clearly, that is not a very cost-effective way for a production run.

I have been asking for a configurable button array (more of that on a future post) but in the meantime, the other day I had to program 400+ boards, and I began to get annoyed at the very beginning. Then, the light came on…or off, you might say. I realized I could just kill the led lighting for the sensor, and it would stop moving the pointer, even if I hammered the damn mouse buttons.

Said and done. No interior photos because not, I mean, is just cutting a led leg and insert a miniature SPST switch I had around.

083 - Mouse tumor

For the sake of ergonomy, I made the OFF position, to be when the lever is closer to your hand, and normal mouse operation when it’s farthest. That way, there’s no chance that you will disable the mouse pointer while normally working (as if it where a real concern…   :P  ).



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