Testing, testing…

…attention, please!

(Eminem – Without Me)

080 - Dual Tester

It’s hard to see, but this “testing tool” (more like botched fart…) has two prongs per side, one gives power to the people board, the other one probes the NTC connector.

Works well enough.

That reminds me about how we test the NTC’s.  Previously, we had a heat gun around and we would just heat it wile probing with the meter. That usually made for a two person job.
Enter the dual head probe (like the one shown, but with straight leads and only one side). Then it became tedious, but single person.

One day, while absentmindedly thinking about anything else, I connected the led power, for a few seconds, and notticed that the NTC was so sensitive, it would start to detect the heating caused by the leds, long before the heatsink-less boards, became noticeably hot.


Now it has become an efficient task.

That, turns me on…    XD!


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