Ho, ho, ho!

So, you have a board with 1000V potential, and you must align it properly on it’s heatsink, and you haven’t a frame for it, because the sloppy R+D deparment only did one for the big heatsink but not the small one.

Then, friskly, some thinking head suggests that you peel the blue protector from the termoconductive film, make some precision cuts and then reattach it to said adhesive.

Fuck Yeah!

Because I have nothing better to do, seriously, for, like…a hundred 2Kg heatsinks…(in batches, but still). Then, the magic words are said to me:

“Think of something”

So I, the chosen one, have been given again the carte blanche of (quick) developement.

081 - Bearded cutter

That, is a precision adjustable surface cutter. Polycaprolactone is so useful!
Cutting edge screw holds the blade, while the other screw makes superfine adjustment of cut depth.

How well does it work? well, I was asked by R+D technician about, and without skipping a beat, I slided it against my finger skin. No cuts whatsoever, not even a scrach, still, it was cutting the blue protector quite nicely.

Of course, with such critical tools, (and I mean really critical, we’re talking about 1000V dielectric here, no jokes) you NEVER, EVER, trust the tool after shelf time. Before use, you must perform a test on the same termoconductive tape.


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