Because you’re worth it.

I don’t really wish this was a l’Oreal ad either…but this is a hair related fail, so the joke stays. You know, when a board maker doesn’t wear net hats while photo developing boards, things happen…

Do you see that tiny speck just after LED10?

085 - loreal

Well, that is NOT a paint lump:

086 - loreal

What happens next is that you know some more boards are going to appear with the same fail. In some cases, other hairs apear around, just to mess with the extreme of your eyesight:

087 - loreal

Luckily, those happen to be only led boards, so you find that some leds don’t light up. Find the short, cut it, get cake. XD!
It is annoying as hell, but I suppose it is inevitable, unless you want to pay for a boardmaker who works like it is going to operate on someone.


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