Laserholics anonymous

My name is Nixie, and I have been using my laser without limit switches for the past year. Yes I have a procrastination problem.

But no more. I am a rehabilitated technician and I have installed the limits on my machine. But lazyness is strong, I still must confront it, and get things done.

090 - Limit switches

I don’t like mechanical end limits, and using dual optical end limits is troublesome, so I ended up using a single sensor for each axis (yup, because I’m cheap, I used the actual sensors that came with the machine), and worked the places where I could put the beam stoppers to work for all four limits. Of course, that means weird things like this:

090b - Limit switches

I’ll be changing this with a spring loaded plunger near the sensor, so it travels alongside the X axis beam. But for now this will make-do.


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