Epic Win

free oscilloscope

Everyone hail my new/old oscilloscope. Fully functioning, not too mangled, and with a recently replaced display:

091 - Oscilloscope win

This oscilloscope sat in the shelves for over two years. I can’t picture it being used prior to me entering this job, nor anyone using it for anything. We have newer and better ones around, and in case we (production) need more,  I go get the expensive one (1500€+) from R+D, just to mess with them (Mwahaha!).

So, I thought to ask for a price on this dusty equipment. It’s nice when your boss says: “ask the main engineer if he has any plans for it, if not, we’ll talk”. You go to said engineer, and he says he has to give it a thought, but you know he hasn’t even looked at the scope for more than two years. Also, he is a very busy man, who will forget to talk with boss about it, so, three days later, you subreptitiously communicate with aforementioned boss to tell him that the engineer will, given the correct alignment of planets,  someday talk with him, employing every puppy face avaliable to you, and then, boss says:

“you know, you’d have less of a mess* if you just picked it up”.
*(going back and forth between him and engineer)

E-PIC-WIN, you can’t beat this.

Before anyone asks, yes, boss is an experienced technician, and knows the value of that Oscilloscope. He also knows that:

a: It’s old and well depreciated.

b: It makes me happy, and a happy technician, works even better.


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