van Gogh (Mala Praxis 3)

His missing ear would be proud of this board mayhem:

089c - Mala Praxis

When the connector is slightly misaligned outward, no matter what you do, the blade will snap off one ear of the cable connector. Repair is simple, just peel the plastic cover, unsolder the actual metal plate, and solder a new one. Altough it’s a SMD conector, there is enough space at the front to solder normally, and then, with the connector still hot, surface solder the other extreme (apply heat to a tiny area, and let the solder flow underneath).

There is no need to even ad new solder if you are careful, altough a funny thing can happen if half of the lifted metal connector slips from your pliers while the pad is still hot. It will slap on the hot solder so forcefully, that there will be none left, just like a never used pad. ^^U


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