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After many years, I’m doing circuits again! I have tons of stuff to remember about track placing and so on…meanwhile I try not to screw up in a big way, here’s a preview of what I’m doing.

This is a hardware, USB mouse emulator, with “macro” capabilities. This is an idea I have been toying about since I got in my actual job. As of now, we use some test software (programming has been easied with the “mouse tumor” mod) that requires various mouse clicks around, and it’s not counterproductive just by a hair width. I have the idea that a simple button pad with the click positions already in it, will make production easier, as you don’t have to mess around with the mouse. That’s the idea at least.

093 - Memulator

Since USB programming is waaay out of my league, I’m using a resistive touchscreen module, hacking it with potentiometers, to hardwire screen positions. Some relays that can be operated either by the pushbuttons or the pic, do the trick.

As I was on the idea, I thought I could use some relays and a PIC to automate processes, not that there is a real need for it, but it gave me an unavoidable excuse to also play with programming. (besides being a simple state machine, of course).

It will have 10 reprogramable slots, to record button presses, to make a “macro”, but of course, only with the avaliable hardwired positions. I don’t really believe there is a need for the whole complication at work, but it is fun!…and since I’ll have one for me, I might program fun macros for my computer XD!

I would like to add that this is purely an excuse for having the boards professionally made, just for the heck of it. XD

As fun point, since I have to have made a few boards of this, I will probably put some for sale, just for fun. XD!


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