Even more Win

“Boss, can I borrow the miniature reflow oven we have lying around in the secondary (aka trash) stockroom?”

Boss looks quizzically, and says:

“Does R+D even know they have this?” (yes boss, it’s been sitting in plain sight around the workshop for four years since your partner bought it, and they have never started it…)

“go ahead then, at least it will do more than sitting here as dust trap”

So, everyone hail my (so to speak) new reflow oven!:


Yes, my job is a limitless box of wonders and surprises. Also, I finally fabbed the Memulator board. It will take weeks for it to arrive from china, but I can wait (blatant lie, I can’t wait!). Altium’s 3D view makes it look gorgeous:


Mine won’t have gold pads, but after soldering everything, that won’t matter at all. No, it doesn’t come with mounting holes because I plan to make a box for it with sliding rails. And yes, the pic goes in an IC socket, so I allowed myself to put the decoupling 100nF cap underneath.
Now that I made it and I’m a lot more relaxed as excitement fades, I would make some changes, as I forgot to add four resistors in series on the module paths to the trimpot array. (luckily, I will be able to put them as 1/8W resistors a la vertical post for the module itself). In the meantime, I already have tons of ideas to make new boards, can’t wait to develop them all!!!


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