Component Crush Saga

Maiming hardware so you don’t have to!

Ever wondered how the insides of a cheap rotary encoder look? Yeah, probably not, but I did, so here they are:
(all photos are in extra big size)

103a - encoder

The small teeth on the underside of the contactor wheel, are the detents of the enoder. They engage a flat copper spring on the aluminium body. (see next photo) The exterior teeth do nothing in ths particular one.

103c - encoder

The bottom body is the pushbutton housing, and it’s just like a big pushbutton that also serves as the spring for the shaft.

103b - encoder

I love the modularity of the thing, with all the blue engaging parts, unfortunately, you can’t connect two similar ones to do something weird like nested encoders. (don’t ask the purpose, I just like to wonder about things…)

Oh, Mr.G gave out something wonderful! Look at this!

There also seem to exist dual encoders out there…cool!


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