Grind your teeth.

What do you do when your pogo pins get tangled on connectors due to them having flat backs before the shaft?

You grind them down mercilesly!

106a - Grind your theeth
I think I’ll call this, Vlad the tester (for his false fame of grinding his teeth to a sharp point)

This, as you can suppose, is from a new board that came around, and some tooling had to be made for it. It was not particularly exciting (altough just in case, I have edited the board a bit…XD! ) but it had an interesting point. Having a buck converter/led driver, it doesn’t handle well going suddenly open circuit, so I had to make board removal while the circuit was powered, imbecile-proof (sort of).
As you can see, the switch “ON”  position, engages the board, and doesn’t allow it to easily come out of the support. When you power it down, the switch lever, rests on top of a pcb indentation, so the board can freely slide up (and a bit sitchwise, to disengage the pins).

106b - Grind your theeth

It is fun to improvise such things at work, when I have better tools at home that would help making a lot better tooling, alas, I don’t sell myself or my free time cheaply, even on a dreamjob.


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