100th post…

…and all is well. *

Did I say all? well, the laser is lasing, the mill, mills (had to replace  a broken, ill-meshed, gear), and I’m working paid overtime enough, to probably stop a train. I had tons of plans to conmemorate the post, but in the end I have done none…working 11 hours plus commuting 2 more, limits a bit on what you want to do when you get home. I have tons of drafts pending, so at one point or another, I’ll resume posting normally, but it’s been a while, so here’s an interesting bit I picked up today.

Damage control:

How does a high power led shine? (1,3V @ 1mA)

119a - Led damage control

Now…how does a damaged power led shine?

119 - Led damage control

And that was feeding him about 500mA @ 1,1V… (jawdrop)

At 700mA it radiated normally, but this is not normal behaviour for such led. Shit happens, I guess.


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