DSO Nano, U serious?

Well, I have finally ended the overwork streak we had, and recovered some energy to continue posting. As a start, today we have a stupipost:

A pair of days ago I was doing some tests*, and, being lazy, I tried to use my DSO Nano V2 to watch a signal, because I didn’t want to pop out the big one. Strangely tough, the toyscope didn’t measure anything, so, I tried to measure the signal generator and it did indeed measure.

Not having opened it before, I was afraid of the unknown, especially, unfriendly SMD connectors that make repair much more than a headache. Luckily for me, in some way, the connectors are rubbish, so it was just the ground lead that had come loose due to lack of soldering (NO vias in pad, you assholes!)

120 - DSO NanoV2, U no measure

Quicksoldered it and there it goes again. Yeah, I know, it is just a toy, but, for certain low frequency signals it just works fine, and it is a fancy gadget to show around, isn’t it?

BTW, I do carry the BENF firmware wich makes for an amazing (compared with stock) Toyscope.

*Has to do with the laser, stay tuned.


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