The Bipolar Cookie

So, from time to time, I hold electronic meetings @ home. Usually, I make small candy bags (where we understand candy as components). This time, it is going to be a bit bigger, so I have decided that apart from candy, it would be interesting to make something geek to eat.

We will watch interesting youtube videos (a la eevBlog), so I decided that some cookies would be a nice afternoon snack. But they could not really be that simple, could they?. I don’t have the 3D printer ready yet, so making a cookie cutter was out of the question, instead, I thought that I might draw images on handmade cookies, just for the fun of it.

Of course, there are tons of ways to draw with food. To me, the easiest way, was to unfocus the laser (move the cookie away from the focal point) and draw with the minimum amount of power.

First iteration of the cookies, plain drawing over barely edible cookie:

118 - Bipolar Cookies

I also wondered if it would work with sugar…

Well, it WON’T if you use a coarse one…

118b - Bipolar Cookies

In the end I didn’t had time to do cookies, nor laser drawings on them or much else…We just talked about electronics and watched CNC and EEVBlog videos while eating pizza…

Wich reminds me about…If you cut a pizza with a laser in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound?


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