If anyone (1)  can guess what this does, him, her or it, will get one for free (populated and tested):

(1 to 1 scale):

135 - Teaser 003

135 - Teaser 001

Yeah, I’m so lazy I take screen-shots for watsapp sharing, then take them out from the phone to post them on the blog. XD!

135 - Teaser 002

By the way, If you whander what the hell is Operational Gearbox, it’s the page where I put (or should) all the non electronic thinks I make, like: cosplay, wargame terrain, and bits of this and that. It’s a bit dead right now, but I’ll get to it someday (I’m preparing tons of things for Eurosteamcon 2014).


3 responses to “Teaser.

  1. Hi there,
    I will also try to add something. :)

    So bottom side you have a Q3 – 5V linear voltage regulator (nothing new :) )
    U1 looks to be a 555 timer in monostable mode, so your relay will stay triggered for some time. 3rd pin on 555 is output and you have limiting resistor r5 and q2 output transistor for relay.

    What are U3 and U2 I wouldn’t guess. Some NOR, XOR logic??

  2. I know if I had a little contest on my blog I’d get exactly zero guesses so I’ll give it a go…

    The 8/24V initially made me think of something automotive, but then you mentioned working on your laser. That uses 24V and 5V supplies. I’m going to go with switching either your air assist or exhaust fan automatically.

    By the way, I promise I’m not here just to link to my blog, but I finally got round to writing up my laser coolant monitor. I know you’re planning to work on similar stuff.

    • Crossposting is the sauce of blog life, otherwise, how would we know about other cool projects? ^_^ Interesting monitor you have there, btw.
      I’ll give it until the boards arrive to give a veredict. XD (it should be about two weeks)
      Also, contests are always fun, if you get a bit of visits there, people might participate, and if they don’t, doesn’t matter.

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