90º (Quickbuild number 4)

Do you remember the little circular saw that could?

Ever wondered what it was for?

Well, the time has cometh to re veal the plan. There is this RGB board at work, that, as better as we can, must have the led board at 90 degrees against the control board. The saw is actually used to cut the pins before zipping the led board (because that is what we do…with so many header pins you are no longer inserting them, or introducing them, this is a zipper in all what matters). So, those boards must sit at 90º, but, how the hell do you ensure that that angle is right all along the 50cm boards?

Picture Neo in the Creator software:

…You’ll need levers, lots of them…

134a - 90 degrees
Yeah, one is broken…I underdimensioned it, but the rest are holding.

Let’s take a closer look:

134b - 90 degreesThe power of the rubber band!

Someone said, gimme a lever and I’ll move the world…interestingly to mention, he could have also said: “gimme a lever and I’ll hold the world still

So, what’s up with those? Let me show you the dxf of the piece and you’ll get it in no time:

134 - 90 degrees
By the way, the eccentric lever is longer now.

Clearer now?

With the long lever, you push down on several leds at a time (to distribute pressure) and then, holding pressure on those, you move the eccentric to apply pressure on the control board, forcing the two to rest against a 90º angle. Do it at enough places and you’ll have a more than acceptable right angle. Finally place a rubber band to hold pressure, and repeat with the rest, then solder.


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