Yet even more things you shouldn’t do…

So, what happens when your new laser tube comes very well packaged, so you only lightly inspect it and looks okay, and then you find that the full mirror heatsink is just hanging bay a thread of glue?

You have three options, either glue it again with an unknown thermal resin so you can’t be sure about how are you really cooling the mirror. Use a thermal resin, with dubbious mechanical propieties…or…well, this other one…

Thermal compound and a copper clamp soldered all the way around the end of the laser tube:

132b - Laser cage

Not pretty, eh?

Since copper tensile strenght doesn’t change much up to 100ºC, I won’t worry any further about it, because if it gets to such temperatures, I haver worst problems going on.

Still, I’ll probably ad a temperature monitor in there, for the sake of it, but as said, this is far less important than the waterflow sensor, for example.

132a - Laser cage 132c - Laser cage


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