Quickbuild Number 5, (The Progressive Knife/3D Gear)-most-useless-tool.

What’s the common point between this:


and this?:


Giant things? Destruction? Death?…


Just this:


Besides having blades that WILL snap off at the hilt, wich is pretty bad already, and having a straight blade, wich makes for a poor slicer against organic objectives (ever heard of curved blades and it’s purpose?), they certainly make for an interesting visual design.

Remember The Emergency Nichrome Song?, Apart from cutting the slots, I had to also cut the thickness in a reliable way. So, I grabbed the hot glue gun and ran away…

138a - Slicer

Adding spacers with longer screws produce thicker cuts. Hey, not all the tools will always be super cool…not my fault.

Okay, it is my fault… XD!

138b - Slicer

Oh, by the way, I also did a Shingeki no Kyojin 3D gear (two in fact)




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