DIY Joystick: The component indigestion.

I have always wanted to play with one of those DIY joystick circuits because I like the challenge of building the structure of a Sci-Fi one (something weird I came up with one day). However, altough not expensive in the grand scheme of things for the already assembled ones, the price is just that, making some for me and friends, it is worth to do it myself rather than buying it. Given that many people have made designs, redesigns, variations and so on, starting from zero was pointless, so I picked up one I liked and just squeeeeeeezed it as much as I could. I wonder if you can make a PCB puke from too much componentry.

Of course, this density is nothing compared to smartphones and so on, but for hand soldering on a two layer board, it’s pretty full.

How much dense is it?

139 - Teaser2

Red area is the original circuit, and the black mesa mess is the redesign. The idea is that the pins, if used, protrude from the sides instead of upwards from the circuit, altough the pads themselves are very large, so you can directly solder cables in them. Each button is a top and bottom pad, and all the analog inputs have their corresponding AVCC and GND pads, so you don’t have to make a mess of cables in the common power lines.

It has 8 analog inputs (X & Y 10bits, and the rest 8 bits), 28 digital buttons (or 24 buttons and HAT) in a ready made matrix with ALL THE DIODES. Unlike many other usb boards, wich limit you to pushbuttons  with no diodes or implementing the matrix and diodes around the place, wich is a mess. All in all, this circuit rests in the middle, probably not the best, but not the worst (where worst is just some digital inputs)

NOT OPTIMIZED, Largely ignore track placing and so on.
139a - Teaser2
The empty spaces beside the uUSB will have holes or other means of subjection.

Does anyone know how to make Altium 2012 change the pad color so it looks silver instead of gold?, otherwise it looks way better than it is. XD

Since I have to make more than the four boards I need, I’ll also have the rest for sale, with kind permision of the designer (target price 15€ + shipping) It’s surely a full month before any boards arrive, so you’ll get news then.


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