Electronic Blinging.(a wearables history)

This post may (and will) contain strong opinions about singers you might like/praise, you’ve been warned.

Today I was watching a Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”, and notticed that she had a giant comb wich, I’m 99% sure, had led ligting in it. That might not sound strange, but in the era of special effects and cgi, that felt…weird…

140a - Videoclip visualsThis shit will turn your brain into mush, then poop all over it, be careful.

I’m sure the colors have been enhanced afterwards, but I would bet a power led that the thing is actually led lit.

Physically enhancing visuals with electronics isn’t limited to her, so, I went in a personal hunt about what are pop singers musicians doing now (and not so now) with technology avaliable, and the money to spend.

 You might recall Gaga’s video glasses from Poker face, or the Spark Bra from Bad Romance.

140b - Videoclip visualsA double amputee child could assemble something like this.

Most of her props are mechanical constructions, but I’m sure it’s because they lack a proper engineer or technician to implement electronic ideas they already have, because, obviously, there should be no lack of funds.

An extreme example both in intensity and durability is the lighted costumes by Wrecking Orchestra. I can’t imagine dancing with that and a decently sized battery strapped along.

140c - Videoclip visualsA full country supply of EL wire in seven dancers. XD

Of course, Daft Punk helmets pop to mind too. However, they have been deconstructing them, stripping lighting to an ocasional touch of color, wich is kind of weird. I would expect of them to embrace technology even more, given their relative unlimited funds, but they know best, I guess.

140e - Videoclip visuals

Altough not strictly a videoclip prop, as helmets go, Deadmau5 scores high with his led/EL contraption. It might not be as slick as Daft Punk’s, but oh boy, is it gorgeous on the inside!

140g - Videoclip visualsCan’t say the same about his music tough…But my boss likes Plasticman…so…whatever.

There is also the Blue Man Group colorful EL dress:

140f - Videoclip visualsInteresting altough not self powered. (you can see the power cord dangling from the back of the girl)

 They also have a variety of wearables including a very Feminine Showbot, and a colorful (epileptic) moving show. I would probably try to work there, but I’m sure they already have plenty of good electronics and modellers, and of course, musics XD.

Finally, as far back as I can go on my limited music knowledge, we have Michael Jackson’s led glove, wich, for no reason, I can’t find any clear footage of him while wearing it.

140d - Videoclip visualThe glove is massive, watch the video.

1980 revolution in ultrabright led ligting with InGaAlP  LED’s made possible those, however, that was only for red, yellow and green. The gloves have a bright orange colour, wich wasn’t avaliable up until the early 1990’s, so imagine the cost of obtaining them so early.

Beyond this I don’t know if there is anything else, let’s hear you, people!


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