I like jewelry, not something manly for many, but frankly, I don’t care…and reed relays are always a thing of beauty, so, why not wear them?

Just bend here and there, and voila, insta-earring:

127b - Reed Jewelry

127 - Reed Jewelry


2 responses to “Reedpurposed

  1. I make jewelry, and I just have to warn you, the plating on those leads is not going to be good for you. Tin, nickel, whatever other stuff is in there, can often cause nasty allergic reactions, and/or discoloration of skin. Plus the surface is not smoothly polished, leaving lots of crevices for bacteria etc.
    I would strongly suggest going to a jewelery supplier/gem shop, buy some silver ear hooks for a buck or 2, and loop the reed switch leads around that.

    Looks neat though. A cool creative idea!

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