0603 by surprise.

Unofficial presentation of the mistery circuit:

150a - Mistery

Unfortunately, I made the 0805 footprints just as large as the components themselves, so I can’t solder them by hand.

I will use 0603 instead, wich are still easily solderable, meanwhile, I really wanted to test the circuit, so quickly botched the necessary values from wherever I could:

150bx - Mistery
Yep, C1 is missing, but it was not absolutely necessary for the test.

I could order a stencil for the circuit, or cut one myself on kapton (with the laser), I just didn’t want to bother for the test, as I didn’t had all the components either. (I forgot to order some rarer components…but with 3 weeks delay between ordering and receiving…I keep loosing track of projects).


150c - Mistery
Added fingers for scale comparison.

It works, whatever it is it does, since you still only suspect what it is…

Interestingly, the board fabber did say that the edges where going to be V-Scored, but the boards are nicely machined, so that’s a nice surprise to have.

By the way, I haven’t forgot about the Circuit Giveaway. Once I get the components and have some good photos of the circuit, I’ll announce the winner.


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