The Great LED giveaway gymkhana.

How many leds are too many?

151 - Giveaway
(Small flaws included, but fully working)

Do you want to get a board like this for free? Of course you want. If you had to pay for it, it would be bloody damn expensive!

I have said tons of times that I have a great job, it’s time you taste some of it’s wonders too.

So I have a 5 boards like that one, and do not plan on doing anything with them, so I’d like to have some fun before letting them go. (boards run on 40V 350mA, power supply NOT included. Size: 25x25cm, free shipping within reasonable limits)

Complete as many tests as you can, be polite to strangers and don’t cheat:

    • Internet is for…(7 points for the best image of it)
      Find an image from Miku in a PCB board(I know it’s there, but I can’t find it)
    • I have friends and I know how to use them (1 point per mention):
      Make as many people as you can write your name in the comments.
    • Too much time in my hands (15 points):
      Find the hidden link on a post.
    • I know a thing or two (1 to 10 points):
      Write a (correct) single sentence electronics horror story.
    • Shameless (25 points):
      Make an electronics/engineering youtube celebrity drop a comment/email with your name.
    • Raise the stakes  (1 to 10 points, rated by coolness/ingenuity):
      Write “The Electronic mercenary” in a something electronic.
    • Me too (5 points):
      Write a post about this gymkhana on an electronics blog.
    • Daredevil (5 points):
      Write a post about this gymkhana in a non electronic blog.
    • Patron (3 points per $, fractions accepted, paypal proof required):
      Make a donation in the name of Electronic Mercenary to any other electronics blog
    • Awesomer (30 points):
      Make the voice from Honest Trailers, say “The Electronic Mercenary”.
    • Automatic win:
      Make this gymkhana appear on Hackaday.
      (This is a free board insta-win, apart from the other 5, also, might make the blog explode)
    • There can be only one:
      Achieve everything (except the automatic win) and I’ll give you all five boards, plus a 30W aluminium board (72 LEDS, 1A) Worldwide shipping included, even for you, Aussies. (Just kidding)

Yeah, there’s mischief in there. keep yourself centered on achievable goals, and GO! GO! GO!

You have 30 days!


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