Dude, where’s my fiducial?

It’s been a while since the last time you heard about that board assembler that it’s-not-that-good-but-it’s-cheap. But when he screws-up, he does it big time, won’t fail you there. (ROFL!)

If you more or less know how Pick&Place machines work, you know they do some adjustments around for each board, so components fall where they are supposed. Sometimes you must help the machine, because the fiducials fall outside machine expectations due to weird panelizing by the board maker.

That’s a bugger, but nothing you can’t overcome, just move the camera around, find the spots and add those values to the program so the machine knows what to find…


If you happen to write down those coordinates with permanent marker…DAMN, MAN, clean them!
Cos’ you won’t be able to clean them, no matter what, once they go through the oven…


And there you go, a pair of expensive boards we can’t sell, nor clean, no nothing…

Dumbfuck assembler…


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