Dat Rack II

Hello, technicians, how are you? Fantastic!

Look at these racks:

149 - Dat Rack II

Now back at me. Sadly, those are our racks, not yours, but if our purchasing manager had asked, instead of trying to use is half-brain, they could be as god as yours. Look down, back up, yes, you just looked at your keyboard, only $Deity knows why. (source, sort of XD!)

Finally we have racks of our own. However, we also have an imbecile* purchasing manager of our own too.

Because, you know, if you buy something for someone else, you might try asking what they need…shouldn’t you? In fact, our racks are all except the middle one, whose size we have been using for eons through our diferent assemblers. The smaller ones belong to our old (and broken) tin wave solder machine, and the new ones, those big, chunky metal…things…are the new racks our personal imbecile bought.

I should be thankful we only have one of the bigger ones, still their size and weight is enormous compared to the normal one. Damn…some days I just don’t want to wake up, just keep designing pcb’s in my dreams.

*from Classical Latin imbecilis, imbecillus, feeble, weak, probably ; from in-, without + baculus, staff (see bacillus): hence “without support”.


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