Around the world.

(yup, it’s been a VERY LONG while, but since noone was interested in the led giveaway, I just went to do some other things, wich will be covered somehow, someday. Now I’m back, for a while, as always)

No, I’m not talking about this Around the world.

There was a time (2008) before I formally finished my electronics studies, that I was just playing around with stuff. I suppose that more or less, we all have delved with the computer modding concept, with varying degrees of exit.

I didn’t really had money to properly mod a computer, however, I discovered that there was a niche area that had really cool and simple projects that looked awesome in themselves.

That was mouse modding.

Metkumods Project Cryo made me laugh so hard… (no images on the post link, tough)


So I had to do something.

I had recently been playing with the airsoft flash grenade concept, so I had around some fake grenade casings and an idea sprang to my mind…

It’s been so much time, I had to grab an image from internet, because I no longer have the originals ^_^U)

The thing about this, is not the mod per se, it’s so simple it becomes irrelevant to me. The thing is, that I was awake long after posting it in a russian modding blog, and could watch as the idea ran away along the earth. I saw it being linked through europe, then asia…japan…USA…all around the world, literally.
(I just keep googling it and looking at the results, as more and more blogs and webs linked and interlinked (and misinterpreted the plastic casing as coming from a real grenade)

I knew it was not viral, it was just one of those stupid ideas people laugh at, then forget. Still I felt really proud that something I had done, had circled the world.


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