Six degrees of separation

Okay, not that the tittle corresponds to an angular measurement, but look at the following picture:

separation 001

Guess what.

Yup, topmost board has too much spacing, and needs to be repaired to look like the bottom one. Since my bosses refuse to buy a hot air soldering station, I always have to resort to alternative ways of repair.

Using Weyland Yutani alien removal technology, it’s easy, altough slow, to move 0,5mm backwards the connectors:

separation 002

However, now picture having to do it for 1k boards…

Yup…I’ve spent already 12 hours doing that…and went just over half the boards. I must say, tough, it is an interesting exercise in concentration and patience. I’ll tell you my feelings when the job is done.


2 responses to “Six degrees of separation

    • Survived, but not for long…today, a misunderstanding between fabber and main enginer brought 2k boards with the same problem… (but only on one connector instead of both).

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