Guitar Hero 1.5 – Spring is coming.

As it happens I was tasked with another round of cutting spacers with Guitar Hero, however winter has cometh, and with it, lower temperatures (like 8ºC), wich had an interesting, and detrimental, effect over cutting power.
The temperature difference meant I had to push more power through the device.

Compare the following power requirements:

Spring 005
152.25V @ 0.98A = 149.21W

Spring 004
167.81V @ 1.14A = 191.3W

So, there we are, 42ish watts of difference. Wich, given the power supplies, is not a problem. However, thermal expansion doesn’t think the same. As soon as I tried to cut at the higher power, the sagging wire lifted out of it’s posts. Wich was…inconvenient.

So, there was no excuse to keep avoiding a much necessary (and long thought) upgrade.

We’ll need springs, lots of them.

I have always said that anyone reading this blog, should have a very inquisitive mind. If you don’t, well, it’s your problem, but I must say you’re missing two thirds of the fun. So, as said, I always look around, I see what sort of materials we have, what things we no longer use.
One day I came across this box full of battery springs, and I have never forgot about it.

Here, a thousand words in .jpg format:

Spring 001

50 springs ready to go:

Spring 002

Aaaaand, it’s done:

Spring 003

Close up:

Spring 006

Note the angle and position of the hooks. It is such, that the wire doesn’t come unhooked at the bend (pattern goes as follows: bend – hook – bend – hook…).

And now, it works like a charm.


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