Supersimmetry, a rant because I can.

I have talked about Dumbassy before, altough not extensively. And normally I would have left it at that. However, recent changes in personnel have made matters worse.
Because now, there are new kids on the block, and yes, that’s a plural. Now, I don’t have one Dumbassy, but three.

Let’s see what do we have here:

Dumbassy the 1st.

King of all dumbassies. He broke the tin wave machine, thinks he’s a good technician when he doesn’t even know how a diode works, and on top, he is proud, very, about not giving a damn about his job and being a slow worker.
He has all my hate, every little drop of it I have.

Dumbassy the 2nd.

This one is not a technician, altough has some technical background. He seemed like a nice guy, but I regret the moment when I said the words “you can pop out your phone with moderation”. It seems the word moderation skipped his ears, or his measurement of it, is some orders of magnitude off from normal peoples standards. He doesn’t even think about silencing whatsapp or the phone, for that matter.

Dumbassy reloaded.

This one is special. It’s one of those “know’s it all better than you” whatever the subject it is. As an example, one day, the other brother* and I where talking about superconducting magnets and their cryogenic refrigeration, and spacecraft protection via giant magnetic fields. So we where clearly talking science (speculating might be a better word) , and here’s what the bright lad had to say:

-“I also know about cryogenics, you know. I’ve watched a lot of Manga.”

Note that that phrase is what he said word for word (properly translated). I’m not even going into the bit about that you WATCH anime and READ manga, but the fact that there was absolutely no comprehension whatsoever about the subject in question.

Yes, I know, this is real life. You can’t have perfect workers, but those three surpass my patience. If I’m working, it’s no time to show me some funny video you’ve just received. I don’t want to nottice that you spent 15 minutes in the bathroom, everyday, then see how right afterwards, you go on texting 15 more minutes (okay, just once, but I’m trying to make a point). Why on earth, If we both are doing the same basic job, I’m two times as fast as you are, and I’m not even trying to outrun you!! DAMMIT.
It’s okay for me if you keep on surfing the net while I risk my fingers (not really). However, If it’s me who have to wake you up so you do your job, because you left waiting the third person in the production chain, that’s waaaay out of reason, my friend.

Alas, I know it’s the same everywhere, a hidden simmetry in useless workforces, going around the globe.

Luckily, I have plenty other things to do, fun things, too.

*He is a creative coworker and friend, and the drop of sanity wich keeps me centered, he acts as shield from their nonsense, and companion of science talk.


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