Dain Bramage (another rant you can skip)

Apart from being the best nickname I’ve seen on HaD, I think this is the actual best definition about Dumbassy Reloaded (simply “reloaded” from now on).

We’re at open war, or something like that, because:

  1. I have said to him: “Don’t talk to me about anything but work”.
  2. I have allegedly talked to the business owner about him. (wich I haven’t)
  3. I’m a general asshole and a Bad Person (Wich, with him, I am, in some manipulative Game of Thrones way).

Here are some examples of his general incompetence and hubris:

  • Since days are noticeably longer now, today we where talking about the upcoming daylight saving time hour change. He tried to convince Brother-1 about the fact that we would add an hour, not substract it, so we would enjoy more sunlight time. I wonder if he ever thinks before speaking.
  • The other day, while I risked my fingers again, he started to fiddle with some leftover bits of aluminium, some zip ties and adhesive ties support. I just wished I had time to message the manager so he could catch him red-handed. However, I could not stop to do so, so I just daydreamed about it.When I woke up, with still all my fingers on their places, my wish had come true. Manager was standing there, watching the fella wasting time in whatever he was doing instead of working.
    I looked at him…
    …he looked at me…
    …I smirked…
    …he bit his fist, looking at Reloaded, and proceeded to silently walk toward us, passing by, and turning around to watch Reloaded until the dumbass waked up from his daydreams. Watching him trying to explain he was inventing some form of support/hook, was priceless. It was also fun to hear him afterwards, raging about me subtly smiling and not having warned him. Because oh…I have to cover you up whenever you’re NOT working?…I think that’s not on my contract.BTW, he was building an earphone hook for his room. ¬¬U
  • Brother-1 and I where speculating about the origin of a certain word…when he came and said that in fact, that word derived from another word in latin or roman, he wasn’t sure about wich one. Because latin and roman (roman, NOT italian) are NOT the same, are they?
  • While he and I where handling some boards, he started with a really slowly procedure, while I went the faster, more efficient way, wich he proceeded to copy. That’s okay with me.
    However, he later said to the manager “I have discovered this way to improve handling speed”. You? YOU?…BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

So, all in all, I enjoy his sufferning because he  literally can’t comprehend that it’s HIS incompetence what will land him out of the job, or at least in the caboose [of the list we use for temporary workers]. I particularly enjoy his hatred attitude towards me, while I just couldn’t care less.


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