Kingsman, worst prop EVER.

For fucks sake, people…was it that hard to make a believable universal tracker/head exploder electronic circuit implant for a movie, WAS IT?

I’d do better with a hand tied to the back, and using the soldering iron with my dick.

Over the years, I’ve seen pretty awful misrepresentation of electronics in movies (I’m sure it’s pretty much how programmers feel about hacking in movies). However, that little thingy with two resistors just…just…aw, fuck.

I mean, seriously? You could cut out a much more interesting bit of circuit from a 15 year old cell phone…in fact, let me see. Oh, yes…

Hello, this is Phone:


This is Phone innards + scissors (not even worth using a dremel)

phone 2

3rd step: Benefits!


Fuck this shit, I’m a professional prop maker now. XD!

BTW, I enjoyed the film, nonetheless.

To hell with it…I’m out to unpack my new 3020 CNC router.


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