Lightfuck II, the total internal reflection breakup.

So, we were working on these light fixtures wich have glued optics…until someone found that glue was seeping below the lenses and causing all sorts of light artifacts (basically fucking up the light pattern)


Aaaand…who you gonna call? Yep, ME!

At first I was afraid I might have to remove all the optics, wich might be a pain in the ass. After I got to it and did two units (of 25) in about an hour, that wasn’t the way to go.
On a second thought, I was able to seep a steel gauge underneath and lift the optic around the glue. That was sort of Ok, altough it scratched the plastic a bit, and I couldn’t reach some spots.

As a stroke of luck, I did something (can’t remember exactly what), wich led me to nottice that aplying a very thin flat screwdriver in between lenses, efectively lifted the lens as the gauge did, but was quickier and didn’t damage anything.


Yeah, much better.

Oh, and by the way, I was the one who glued those 25 units. ^^U!!!!!!!!!


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