Because of reasons.

OMG!  No posts in a week! Where have I been? refurbishing the laser? working on secretive stupid projects? Overtiming to the max?


I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program like there was no tomorrow!

Mun Rocket
This was my first Mun rocket that could get back, to rescue a Mun stranded Jebediah Karman (stranded by me) XD
Note the electronic control module sitting on top of the descent capsule.

Me and two friends where having a race over who was going to be the first to arrive and get back from Mun, and I won. Now I can get back to normal (yea sure, as if I ever was).

The fun thing is that now, when I look at the real Moon, I have this warm feeling of happiness about having gone and getting back from the simulated one. I feel like having achieved something, altough of course I know it’s stupid because basically everyone playing KSP does much bigger and much better things than I, still, had fun as hell.

BTW, the most amazing part, apart from the rescue (I left Jebediah in the Mun, with very little propellant, he couldn’t even achieve orbit, nor the rocket had docking ports so I could transfer propellant from another ship) was the reentry speed:


I seriously thought the capsule wouldn’t make it. (okay, while writing the post I searched for KSP fastest speed reentry, and people have done it like at 8000m/s…). Still I was used to reentry at 2500 m/s (kerbin’s orbit) wich takes about 30 secs to slow it down to just supersonic, this one took 2 minutes.

All in all, I had FUN! I haven’t played games in…maybe two years (computer games, OCD playing style)


4 responses to “Because of reasons.

    • Play it if you don’t have a girlfriend. Orbital mechanics are a good substitute for sex. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Let me tell you that it’s as good (and difficult) as you think, but it’s surprisingly rewarding even for the most basic things like arriving to Mun and getting back (with alive Kerbals, that is)

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