There, I fixed it! (II)

So, a small piece of plastic broke in the scoring machine:


It’s just a limiter, but we fiddle with it a few times each day, so it is not surprising (to me, cos I’m the only one who really knows the ins and outs of the machine) that it broke. I had already changed the set screw for a levered one, so I didn’t need a tool to adjust cutting depth. Basically, this machine is made to be set once in a loong while, and leave it alone.

And thus, we where waiting for the replacement part…but it’s been three weeks since, and enough is enough:

This is NOT a shark bite. XD!

Since I made the piece at work, and didn’t had infinite time to do it, it’s a bit…well…that’s the best I could do AT work. (It’s fun when you can do better metalworking at home than at work, it makes life weird).

Anyhow, here’s the temporary piece:


It sort of works, altough we’re not cutting aluminium boards, just in case.


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