IP-my ass

So, we have this secondary company, wich we will call “Engifail”. By that name, you can probably see where this is going, right?.

They have this tendency to mess up, incurring in overcharges wich the parent company has to absorb, so their sales account looks nice and clean. Their latest? An IP-67 keyboard wich failed miserably in so many possible ways, I can’t still believe it. Unfortunately, I can’t show you the front of the keyboard, and some fails can only be explained, sorry for that.

  • For starters, the keyboard consisted in two parts, a rigid acrilyc plate and a flexy circuit wich was to be adhered to a milled recess in the acrylic. Well, the flexy circuit was 0.2/0.3mm bigger in lenght, and had to be sanded a bit to fit, and still, I had to do some tricks to make it fit. Have I mentioned that the circuit was flexy? Good luck sanding that down.
  • Whomever made the recess CNC program, did not superimpose start and finishing points, wich resulted in a 0.5mm indent, wich lifted the flexy noticeably.
    Luckily with this one, I made them correct that (using a file), and by them I mean Engifail workers. I refused to correct it, on the grounds that I would scrape accidentally one or two, and then someone would chop my head off, so “Not my fault, not my job”. (preemptively enough, they messed up three acrylics)

If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s the fail I can show:


So that’s the back of the acrylic, with the flexy circuit pads being IP’ed with resin. So far so good, right?

Well, first of all, noone said it had to be IP’d until the last minute, wich pissed me off (I don’t like surprises at work). The thing is, there was a via in there, but I didn’t gave it a second thought, if it was already approved for IPing, that should be okay, should

This is Engifail, we always mess up.

Let me introduce you, the via in pad:


As if it wasn’t bad practice to put a via in a pad, seriously?…you’re going to IP something with resin, and you don’t think that that via might mess anything up?

Let’s fail in detail:


What can I say…fun part is that they where going to use a very liquid encasing resin, but we had run out, and used a very thick alternative, wich saved about half of the keyboards, and still, they said the fail was OURS, because the manager suggested using that transparent resin…


really, with a corn cob, no lube.

Before anyone asks, no, they don’t have an engineer (double Engifail XD) on board. (oh dammit…unintended PCB pun… XDD!!!!)


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