Handle with care.

So, I’m a bit busy preparing things for Eurosteamcon 2015, NOT playing KSP, altough I’d prefer that to what I’m doing in lieu of having more fun.

Tooling, tooling, tooling…it’s fun and laughs until an hybrid board comes along:


The aluminium backing acts as heatsink, but the FR4 board holding everything is just 0,6mm…wich breaks easily.

So, how do you test that thing?

Spongebob squarepants’s cousin at your service!


Some adhesive copper film with small cables, a simple selector (circuit pins are just GND – RED – GREEN – BLUE) and there you go. It’s flimsy, will break, but had to do it in like 10 minutes, don’t you dare ask more from me in that timeframe.
Yes, I was picky enough to actually solder the correct colored cables to the pads, because of OCD reasons. XD!

Also, wtf I’m doing for eurosteamcon? some automaton ladies:

More like this, with changes, will be adhered to the whole spine of the girl.

This and some more things are taking all my free time (that is, the one where I’m not actually procrastinating). I’ll keep you posted (as if you could stop me! XD )


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