Flip the finger.

Beautiful, beautiful control panels…

…from Hell:

control panel 001

Not understanding why?

Here, take a look at the stuff wich nightmares are made of:

control panel 002

So, what is this? It’s a “finger” control board (half of it, I’m afraid I didn’t pic the second unit). And what is a “finger”? it’s the ramp you use in airports to directly acces the planes from the boarding gate.

And why on earth did I broke open pandora’s box?

SQ29 was rattling in it’s hole, breaking a cable (after some years, since we don’t use this very much). Also, Km19 had it’s steam broken more than eight years ago, and since I had to repair something, I managed to angrily convince the manager to allow me to repair both. (he dared to try NOT allowing me to repair KM19).

Not much else to say, it’s just cables and tons of connectors to test a relay board.


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