Mirror mirror (To kill a laserbird, 2 of X)

Which’s the prettiest of them all?


With every machine overhawl, comes with an extra dosage of mirror alignment. It’s boring and it’s slow…but it must be done.
I don’t really know what other people do to check beam position, I use thermal printer paper (and some tape).

Make a strip and put some adhesive on one side, cut small squares.


Yeah, not the best mounts in the world…prone to misalign through vibration.

As said, use them (squares) as needed:


If I haven’t been clear:


Or else, this will happen:

And you will have to dissasemble the mirror and clean it thoroughly…again and again…


3 responses to “Mirror mirror (To kill a laserbird, 2 of X)

  1. I use a circle of cardboard taped over the mirror. You than still see where the centre is and it protects the mirror. Stick masking take over it so you can still see the previous hit and the latest one. If the mirror does get smoky I just clean it in place.

    • Use aluminium foil with clear packing tape over it.
      The foil stops vapours etc contaminating your mirrors,
      clear tape melts or distorts and sticking new layer over the top lets you see your progress easily.
      Works for me.

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