Even more busy!

But I can show you the prototype:


Details from the hardpoints for the wings:



Here’s how it works:

Basically, the first disc acts as hardpoint for the brass screw. The second disc gets actuated by the piston and moves the first wing (the one wich travels further). After 45º, the third disc is engaged by the second and starts traveling sinchronously, lifting the second wing to the midpoint. Finally, after 45º (for a total of 90º) the third wing (fourth disc) is engaged, and everything travels a further 30º.
As you can see, everything rolls on ball bearings, even the engaging pivot has two per disc. Mostly because I can. XD
The other wing pivot is just a mirror image from this.

And here it’s moving under power: (@3.5Kg pressure) The wing doesn’t actually move all the way up because the cable was too long, but it’s adjustable so there should be no problem in there, just some fiddling around with lengths.

Some stats:

Machining of the discs, base design, and ball bearing whire pusher took 26 hours of mill and lathe. (includes some pneumatic adaptors).


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